Monday, 18 March 2013

Would you dare..the smoky eye!

We normally aren’t very adventurous with our makeup, and tend to stick to neutral shades. On the weekend we decided to take the leap and show how it can be done in a very cool and artsy way..and so we give you:


The Dramatic Smoky Eye!


Step 1: If you already have make up on, just leave it, as it adds a layer : ) Apply a lavender pink all over eyelid. 


Step 2: Using a gun metal grey, apply to the corner of the eye crease and around the edge of the lid, smudging inwards. 


Step 3: With a burgundy purple, lightly apply it from the grey all the way to the corner of the eye. 


Step 4: Using the smudging brush, or a regular brush, brush it across the whole lid, blending the colours so that it flows all together.


Step 5: Add a white highlighter to the corner of your eye, and below the brow. 


To Finish: Apply liner and a few coats of mascara. 


Voila! Have fun! 



  1. Wow, can't wait to try it when I put on my Paul Stanley outfit for the next KISS concert!

  2. lol funny Dad! : ) Charlotte is an expert now, maybe you can convince her to help you.

  3. Gorgeous look, girl!!

    Please call me when KISS comes around; I have to see this :) .

    1. haha I just saw this : )

      Peggy if KISS comes to town I will have Charlotte do your eyes too ; ) you and my dad can match. lol