Wednesday, 6 March 2013

From our Closet..

The Double Scarf! 

We find that shirts sometimes lack a little pizazz or can be too low cut in the front. To fix that problem and to save you some cash, we would like to introduce you to the Double Scarf! If you are like us, you own at least a few scarves, and are probably tired of wearing them. Easy solution.

Step 1: Go into your closet


Step 2: Pick out two scarves that either contrast in colour if you like a more funky look-or if you want a more reserved look, pick out two scarves with similar tones. We like to pick out one scarf with a pattern and one without.


Step 3: Lay them out together and wrap around your neck

Voila! Looks likes one bright brand new scarf! 

Keep your eyes open for end of season sales, like Zara, Gap or Reitmans as they usually sell them for under ten dollars. Second hand shops are great too if you peruse them regularly, you never know what might turn in. Our mom wears a scarf almost everyday, as it just brightens any dull shirt and makes a brand new outfit. Search your closet and have fun!

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