DIY Arty-party and everything inbetween

Here is our growing selection of  DIY posts! Experiment and have fun!

For your talented hands:

Charlotte gives you a treat: How to make one of her stuffies!
Truly Charlotte: Kitty Kat Tutorial

Sick of making scarves? Check out: Colourful Cowls

or: Cotton Circle Scarf

Looking to make art fun for kids? Take a peek at: A Lesson with Matisse

You know we love our scarves! Want to make your own? No Sew Circle Scarf

Easy way to dress up a cake: Tiny Bunting

Want to make your own hair elastics? Fantastic Fold Over Elastics!

and does you jewelry need some TLC? make a few: Organizing Frames

Our sister tied the knot last July... need a few wedding tips, inspirations etc? :

Shower with Love

80's themed Classy Bachelorette

10 Tips for Wedding Parties

DIY Wedding Pew Bows and Flowers

and on a different note, our cure for sunburns: Noxema love

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