Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Maple Syrup Love Story

Our mom is French Canadian and so in our home, spring means the start of a very important time, the only time of the year where little containers of hidden sweetness are stashed in secret spots. It means: MAPLE SYRUP is in the HOUSE! and in all of our favourite forms: maple taffy, maple sugar, maple spread, maple butter and of course maple syrup. Our dad is from Alberta and when he met my mom, fell in love with her of course, but also with  the deliciousness of the real- deal -maple syrup. You see in Alberta they have what we call 'telephone pole syrup',  it's corn syrup and is nothing in comparison to maple syrup.When our mom first brought our dad to her aunt's house for dinner, he was introduced to the French Canadian dessert: a large bowl of maple syrup, with a plate of bread and butter. Our dad was hooked, and so in great love for maple syrup and for our mom, has been making her maple taffy ever since.

Our dad's Beloved Maple Taffy

You will need:
-a small pot
-a candy thermometer
-a glass measuring cup
-a baking sheet
-about 12 teaspoons-popsicle sticks don't cut it for us.
-2 cups of real maple syrup
-Clean, untouched snow.

Step 1: Scoop the snow onto the baking sheet. Pack it down.
Step 2: In the small pot, boil the maple syrup to 'soft ball' stage on your candy thermometer. This means 235'F. After the syrup has reached 235'F, transfer it into a glass measuring cup for pouring.

Step 3: Pour the syrup in a line on the snow

Step 4: Wait 30 seconds : )
Step 5: Roll the taffy around the spoon.

Enjoy and eat with great gusto because it is so delicious!
Ps: The handsome gentleman is Conor-a great friend and superb taste tester of the maple taffy!

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