Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy Birthday Lovely Leah!

It's Leah's birthday this weekend!! Hurray!

We are so grateful for her and thought we would share our top five favourite Leah qualities!

1. Leah is kind. She has one of those big hearts that are just naturally kind. Whether it is with teaching kids swimming, cutting client's hair, interacting with seniors, helping her family, when you spend time with Leah, you just realize how loving she is and want to be JUST like her.  : )

2. Leah is so talented creatively!! She has such a fabulous eye and talent for creative the best updos and hairstyles. It amazes us daily, as Charlotte and I can only do braids and sock buns. Leah makes it look so easy! She also plays violin, is an incredible knitter and skilled baker.

3. Leah has a heart of service. For my wedding she was so willing to go above and beyond, even when I told her to say no,  she insisted. She did our hair, flowers, played violin, knitted and was always there to give a hand. Leah also did all this without complaining or making it look hard.

4. Leah is an optimist. She is positive and always looks on the bright side, even at a huge flea market sale that she clearly doesn't like, Leah will still be positive and not complain. She will leave the event with one or two books and say: "Well that was fun!"

5. Last but not least, Leah is a witness of faith. She has a quiet love for the Lord that you can just feel when around her. Leah doesn't preach, she lives it out.

Happy Birthday lovely! We love you!

"To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or a is to have  a soulmate for life." Victoria Secunda