Monday, 4 March 2013

A Heartfelt Weekend

We just returned home from our weekend of felting. It was such a gift to be there, and we hope to show you a few photos soon. In the meantime we want to just share where we were, and what a truly special place it is. 

Madonna House Apostolate  

Three hours away from Ottawa nestled on the outskirts of Algonquin Park, is a tiny town called Combermere. It has a farmer's market, a tiny general store,  a few shops, a church and Madonna House. 

Our journey to Madonna House began when  all of us were children, as our parents brought our family to their summer Catholic family camp called Cana. Over the years many of us have stayed there as guests, and we visit regularly, as the Madonna House community has become our extended family in so many ways.

Our Lady of Combermere


What is it? 

Madonna House is an apostolate of lay men, women and priests, living together as a family, striving to incarnate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by being a community of love. If you have time this is a fantastic video that explains it well: Madonna House: The People of The Towel and Water

Madonna House staff are people who come from all over the world, have all kinds of backgrounds, yet they all have come with a simple desire to serve, to love and to live out the Little Mandate.


Their foundress Catherine Doherty valued and treasured the arts, viewing handicrafts as a way for all of us to express, create and be healed. They have a beautiful building dedicated to art and it is there where we taught eleven women from all ages how to felt. Most of the items that the staff create are sold in their lovely 
Gift Shop and it is worth the drive alone to check out the antiques, knitted items, pottery, jewelry etc and etc.


Catherine Doherty

We stayed for the weekend at this cottage: Pinecliff and it is worth every penny. Five min from Madonna House, hidden among hundred year old pine trees, you feel as if you have entered a fairy tale.

All of us girls were honoured to spend the weekend among the staff of Madonna House and we are full of heartfelt thanks. 

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  1. I love this description of Madonna House! So beautiful :)