Wednesday, 10 July 2013

10 tips for those in a Wedding Party

We have been chatting about our wedding experience this weekend and all things that helped make the day go so smooth.
Here is what we learned:

Photo credit to our friend J.P.

10 tips for those in Wedding Parties

1. You can save major money and buy your bridesmaid/maid of honour dresses at other stores that aren't bridal. We bought our pink silk shifts last summer at Talbots and they were 80 % off. So were the grey belts : ) Fit our budgets nicely! Just be prepared to hunt, search and call all the stores in Canada. Totally worth it!

2. Make sure you have the proper undergarments for hot weddings. We wore silk. It was 40'C, but because of our slips etc. you couldn't tell we were sweating buckets. Which we were :)

3.  Emergency bridal kit was necessary and used all day. We brought it to the hair salon, to our grand mama's while getting ready, to the photos etc. Bobby pins, tissues, water, gum, etc all came in handy to make everything stress free.

4. Emergency basket in the Ladies bathroom also definitely a must! Our mama put that together and it was also used at the hall all night. Guests came and thanked our mama saying they used an elastic, deodorant, hairspray and even the sewing kit! One unfortunate dancer split his pants and thankfully the sewing kit came to the rescue! It is always better to be over prepared.

5. Play the Shoe Game! It is a hilarious way to make everyone at the reception laugh and get to know the bride and groom more. We had so much fun and so did our newlyweds.

6. If your wedding is in July, Updos are crucial to staying cool. Make sure though that they are high up on your head. I had a lower bun and it kept getting stuck in my collar.

7. Little personal touches make the mass and reception so special. All the tables were named after the bride and groom's favourite candy and the favours were that particular candy. For example, the Salt Water Taffy table, had lovely bunches of salt water taffy.

8. Have your DJ play the slide show with the music before everyone enters the hall..our slideshow worked, but without the music. Our great DJ improvised and it worked out in the end as we played it the next day at the gift opening. It was intimate and personal.

9. If you haven't been in a wedding party before, speak to someone who has or better yet Google role of bridesmaid/groomsman, best man, maid of honour : ) Both our bride and groom said having a wedding party that really took on their roles, helped with the overall stress less day.

10. Pray. We all prayed together throughout the week leading up to the wedding and so many friends offered their prayers and support too. In the van before mass we all prayed over Elese and it was so beautiful! At the Church the groom and his groomsmen all prayed together too. It was such a grace filled, no stress day!!  : )

Any tips from your own wedding experience? Share with us!


  1. Stunning!! LOVE this post!!! Right now I'm admiring the 3 Sister mountains in Canmore reading this post. Love my 3 sisters back home! xxoo

    1. thanks! we miss you fourth sista! Hope you are having a fun time honeymooning : ) xo yes those pink dresses are pretty!

  2. ps: the pink dresses look amazing! Beautiful!