Wednesday, 5 February 2014

DIY Valentine Cards

It's the month of love friends and that means St Valentine's Day is around the corner! A few weeks ago we shared how we love to make and exchange St Valentine's cards. Today we want to share with you a few more ideas. We love pop out cards, and really who doesn't? They are so much to open and close, open and close..haha We found a couple of ideas on Pinetrest and turned them into tiny pop up cards. They are easy, fun and super cute!
Time to save yourself five bucks from Hallmark, and get your card making skills on!

DIY Pop Up  Card 

You will need:

card stock paper of different colours
some creative juices

How to make them:

Step 1: Fold a white piece of card stock in the size of card you want to make. Take your scissors and cut out six slits along the fold. (check out picture)

Step 2: Open the card and pop out those slits of paper you just cut. Pick another piece of paper that is a tiny bit bigger then the actual card, cut and glue it on the outside of the white card, covering the holes.

Step 3: Pick out what you want to do with your card..we have some ideas below.

Bee Mine 

Stamp a bee, or draw one if you don't have a stamp, and glue it on to the pop up part of the card. Write the words Will you...Mine Valentine? 

Thumbody Loves You Pop Up Card

Using paint or ink, stamp your thumb on a piece of white card stock. Make it into little people and write the words Thumbody Loves You. How cute is that?

These are just a couple of ideas we played around with..really you can do so much! Have fun!

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  1. You are so kind.. I found some Valentine pop-up card on They have verry beautiful samples. I love them.