About us

Renee, Leah and Charlotte

The Crazy Daisies are three eccentric sisters: 

The Baby Girl: Charlotte is our resident artist and master of all things hands on! She is a fiber artist under the name Truly Charlotte, and you can find her recycled, hand sewn, wool stuffies and hand painted t-shirts at art fairs in Ottawa. Charlotte will be sharing ideas and creative hands on projects. 
The Middle Sister (aka the filling in the Oreo): Leah is a violinist, passionate knitter, and pro at converting every recipe using the goodness of Spelt Flour. She is currently in the process of becoming a hair stylist and will share lots of handy do it yourself tips, recipes and much more. 
The Firstborn: That's me, Renee. I am a teacher, coordinator, a knitter, vegan chef, super shopper, running coach and art appreciator. Basically I love alot of things, and love blogs that give us all inspiration. 

Three of Truly Charlotte's Creations

We are from a big, Catholic family of six children in total. We all have different passions, ideas and talents. Together we three decided to create a DIY blog, one which we hope can be a little artful space in this big cyber world. 

All of us were homeschooled and are grateful for the choice our parents made. Our mom (Carole) knows what it is like to homeschool many ages together, as she taught grade 9, grade 7, grade 4, grade 1 and preschool at one time. She has experience educating teens through high school, how to answer those tough homeschooling questions, and is chalk full of advice! We are going to feature her ideas and lessons periodically on the blog, as homeschooling is also a creative process that we can all share and learn about. 

Why the Crazy Daisies? When Charlotte was a little blonde girl of five all she wanted was one of these: 
A Crazy Daisy. 

Yes it does have a butterfly, but is still a Crazy Daisy! 

It was so much fun, we all ended up loving it, and loved how much Charlotte loved the Crazy Daisy.

We also love daises, they were our mom’s wedding flower and are just oh so sunny and cute. 

And for the crazy, well hey - we are all a little crazy now and then aren’t we? 

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