Thursday, 14 March 2013

What to wear on your tootisies in Ottawa?


Here in our city we get lots of rain, freezing rain and snow. Winter tends to get slushy, messy and just downright yucky. I have a pet peeve of having wet feet, and can't stand it when boots leak. A few years ago I discovered Bogs and fell in love. A lot of friends and strangers have asked us where we got them and what they are like, so we thought we would give a brief write up and spread the bog love.

What are they like?

They are perfect for wet, freezing and cold Canada weather. Your tootsies stay dry and warm even up to -40'C!! They are amazing and durable. We just can't say enough good things about these boots. Plus they come in multi colours, prints and of course the basic black. Our mom has caught on the bog loving train, and found a pair of ankle, forest green boots. The best thing is right now you can find them on sale across the city and online. They are definitely worth every penny and your lovely feet will thank you.

In Ottawa we found them at: TrailheadSoleaBushtukahExpedition Shoppe