Monday, 11 March 2013

Messy Hair Monday!

It’s Monday and your hair is a little dirty, but not dirty enough to wash away the’s winter after all and you are trying to push the hair washing back to build up your scalp oil, just like Dr Oz, Glamour and every hair stylist has been telling you.. but what do you do to jazz up that sorta dirty hair??

Try: the Super Easy Brilliant Braids!! 

Step 1: Pick up a section of hair, an inch above your ear. Start braiding the hair in the basic braid.

Step 2: Do not pick up the hair like a french braid, this is just a common old fashioned mom braid. Braid the hair all the way until the end. Secure with a tiny elastic. 

Step 3: Repeat on the opposite side, so that you have two equal length braids.

Step 4: Take braid on the right, and pin it over to the left side of your head. Use as many bobby pins until the braid feels secure. Tips on how to hide those bobby pins here: Bobby Pin Help

Step 5. Take the braid on the left, pin it over to the right, crossing over the middle of the head, and pin it underneath the right braid. The ends with the elastics will be sticking out on both sides.

Step 6: Take out the elastics if you want ( they blend well in Renee's hair, so we left them in), and undo the ends of the braids, until you reach the bobby pins.  Use your fingers and comb the ends into your loose hair.

Voila! Happy Braiding! 

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