Wednesday, 20 March 2013

From our closet..

It's a busy, normal weekday and you have commitments, jobs, tasks, appointments and now you are asked out for dinner and drinks with only a few moments to spare. Inwardly you panic and scream a tiny shout. You would rather shower, redress, and redo your makeup, but WAIT no time! Your adventurous side shouts a confident yes. You can do it.
Dinner date in fifteen minutes. The pressure is on.

How do you morph from day time working girl, to queen of the night?


Easy Peasy and can be done in minutes. 

Step one: Leave on your daytime make up, but quickly apply a smoky eye.


Step two: Shed the jacket, and let your hair down.


Step three: Throw on any sparkly necklaces, bracelets and rings.


Step four: Grab your phone, lipstick, ID and debit card/ credit cards and throw it all in a shimmery clutch. 

Voila! There you go, four easy steps to transforming from day to night.
Go out dear Queens of the Night and have fun! 


  1. Any fellow would count himself lucky to have such a dazzling dinner date!!

    1. : ) thanks dear Duchess. We all can't wait to see you in July! xo