Thursday, 3 October 2013

Leah Love

Tomorrow is the feast of St Francis, and it's also Miss Leah's birthday!! Celebration time! Yahoo!! Time for cake, music and a girls night out!
In honour of her we have put together:

Two Leah Lists!

First: A list of gratitude for Leah Alice Elizabeth

We are grateful for:

Leah's kind, loving and serving heart. She is there to listen to our woes, help us fix our knitting mistakes, give us hair advice, help us with our outfits... We wouldn't be the Crazy Daisies without her!

We are grateful for:

Her love of God and desire to grow in holiness. Leah is a great witness of His love to us all. She inspires us to love love love.

We are grateful for: 

Leah's great eye for detail! Leah has a gift for working with flowers, working with hair, playing beautiful tunes on her violin and working with wool. She is perceptive and catches those little bits of beauty, whether it be through a beautiful arrangement or a tiny braid.

We are grateful for: 

Her love and devotion for the world of furry critters! Leah has always loved animals, and is the one who is there to help pick up dog doodoo and dog puke. We are so so so grateful!

We are grateful for: 

Leah's love for baking lovely treats, especially Mrs. Field's cookie bars! Leah is the BEST at baking these delicious squares.

We are grateful for:

Most importantly that she is our sister and a very special part of our family! We love you Princess Leah!


Second: Curious as to what Leah is loving right now?

Here is a list of Leah's Loves:

Oxford Shoes

This version of Jane Austin's Emma

Andy Warhol's Shoe Prints

Oliver Schroer's A Song for all Seasons

H&M is finally coming to Ottawa!

Vintage Baby Knits! So lovely

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