Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to Dress up those Plants

Three years ago at Christmas, a lovely dark purple orchid was given to us as a gift.  It  had pretty purple and white blossoms, and brought so much colour to our winter days. We fell in love with orchids, and over the years have acquired a little collection. They are quite the interesting flower and so have a few neat facts for you.


Did you know:


· Orchids have a symmetry like human faces. If a line is drawn in the middle of the blossom, the two halves are mirror images of each other.

· There are more then 25,000 different kinds of Orchids 

· Vanilla is a species of the orchid family. It is one of the most popular and widespread orchids.

· Orchids like to be together in a cluster, as it raises the humidity level. We call ours a little orchid family. : ) 


Our orchid family all live comfortably on a little table by our living room window. The cats like to perch in between them and soak up the sunshine. During the cold winter days, our orchids will all be in full bloom. Until then, Charlotte has found a way to dress up their planters, as they do look a little dull. She discovered this blog: Dutch Girl, where you can find easy steps to make your own fabric covered pots. Take a peek, pull out some fabric and have fun!



  1. Orchids are awesome...and I like the did-you-know stats! They don't like being overwatered either...and a florist told me it's good to spray the petals with a soft spray bottle.

    1. :) Yes Orchids are lovely, a bit high maintenance but worth it in the end..

  2. Lovely! Just like the Daisies :) Happy All Hallow's Eve. xo the D.
    PS I wore a tiara to work today!!

    1. Wish I could see a pic! I'm sure you looked amazing! Happy Birthday Week fellow Nov baby!