Thursday, 10 October 2013

DIY Summer Meets Fall Bouquets

Ottawa is in the midst of a lovely Indian Summer and we say with huge exclamation: "Thank You GOD!!!!" We love that you can still wear flats without socks, get in the car and not have to defrost, go running without any base layers, and we absolutely love the flowers that are still blooming! Our mama's garden is in the midst of transitioning, and with that brings the last of the flowers. To soak up all that floral beauty, our talented Leah has been making gorgeous arrangements. If you are entertaining this coming Thanksgiving weekend, or are just wanting to jazz up that old vase, try a Summer Meets Fall Bouquet!

What you need:

Vases, jars, posy ring, little bowl, whatever you want to place your flowers in : ) 
Classic summer flowers like daises, roses, geraniums, black eyed susans, etc. 
Branches from bushes that have gone red, or any Fall leaves, Pussy willows etc. 

What to do:

Leah likes to start her bouquet with a large flower, or bushy flowers that have a large blossom. Use that as your base and build your arrangement around it. Place your more fragile and delicate flowers around the edges. If you are using a Fall branch, place it behind the center flower to give some height. Basically have fun and experiment! 

Leah's birthday was the past week, and our creative dad and brother made her an amazing arrangement. They combined pinks, yellows, purples, and a tinge of red leaves. The result: A stunning centerpiece! 

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