Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Lovely Wooly Headscarf

Often times knitted hats can be hard to wear with long hair, as you always have to wear your hair down.
Plus the result of taking off a knitted hat can be: frizzy, funky, wild looking hair.

What's the solution to keeping your lovely ears warm, and your updo looking great?
A woolen headscarf to the rescue!

We were first introduced to this great pattern a few years ago, by our dear master knitter friend. She had made a lovely earth toned headscarf (featured here) as a birthday gift.
Our mama then made a few as gifts and the headscarf love spread.
Elese was given a vibrant red one and loves to wear hers while running in this cooler weather.

The pattern is easy, quick, requires only one skein of yarn and best of all it's free!! *Happy Dance*
It\s great for new knitters, and of course makes a nice special gift!

Check out the pattern here on our favourite website Raverly!

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