Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Bit of Music Fun..

Do you remember the days of mixed tapes? Homemade cd mixes and all that fun jazz? While we are busy creating projects etc, we love to put on different music. It helps inspire and uplifts our spirits!
A few of our favourite gifts received are mixed cds. For a music lover it is candy for your ears! A whole entire cd of sweet tunes made just for you. Over the years we have made them with themes, for holidays, birthdays, and any old day. We aren't deejays, (although we just might one day, who knows?:) and don't specialize in song flow etc, but do love a great song, so have the following mellow sounding playlist for you to enjoy.

 Are you listening to anything fabulous these days? Share with us! We are always eager to listen to new tunes.

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