Tuesday, 29 April 2014

10 tips from what I learned from doing the Oil Cleanse Method

Hello friends! This post is a bit of a long read, but if you have/had skin issues and thought of trying the Oil Cleanse Method, then first read this post.

You might have noticed that there haven't been lots of close up photos on the blog lately. That's for a couple of reasons..first we have all been extremely busy and second I (Renee) have been suffering through one of the worst skin breakout ever. It hasn't been this bad since my teen years. : (

Why is that?

because I decided to be fearless and toss out all my skin care products. I absolutely don't recommend it unless you are brave and can deal with skin break out issues nonchalantly. I tried going completely natural with my skincare regime, using the Oil Cleanse Method, (OCM) honey and natural apple cider based toner.
The OCM method involves mixing oils and massaging/steaming them into your skin. If you are curious check out the link here

 I did it every evening for two months and here's what I learned:

5 Tips from my experience with the OCM 

1. Don't stray from what you know. I have been using the same skin care regime for the past ten years and in a brief moment of insanity thought: my skin's okay let's switch it up! If that thought ever pops into your brain, don't act on it! Stop and think about the consequences, seriously long and hard...and then go talk to your sisters, mother, friend,  before going completely au natural.

2. The OCM method and going natural cost lots of $$ initially and becomes a skin obsessing addiction. I spent hours reading other blogs and learning about the OCM method, adding more and more essences, oils and toners to my online shopping basket. I did a natural homeopathic liver cleanse (it cost $90.00) and took two different kinds of  expensive acne related supplements under my natural path's direction. I read different blogs and was always finding something else I should purchase.

3. Doing the OCM was relaxing, but made my skin worse. Much worse. I knew there was going to be a time of flare up initially, but it was supposed to go away after two weeks. Mine didn't. It got worse. I waited the right amount of days, switched oils and tried again. I researched and ordered more oils. Nothing worked. I used avocado oil, hemp oil, castor oil, made a moisturizer with almond oil, used carrot seed essence and jojoba oil. Breakouts galore popped up and just got worse. I had to admit that while it might work for some, it doesn't for me. Cue the next point which was hard to accept:

4. Going natural isn't for everyone.  I washed my face with just organic honey, sprayed an apple cider toner on my face ( which stank like smelly socks and made the bathroom stink too) and it didn't work. I regret buying all those oils and now am researching how to make soaps with them so they don't go to waste..I needed a good wake up call from my sister Elese who said: "Go back to what you know and stop the granola thing!" Thanks oh wise one : )

5. My skin loves Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) Ten years ago I had a bad flare up with acne and went to the dermatologist. He recommended B.P and said my skin wasn't bad enough for Accutane. I found this website Acne.org and decided to give it a try. It worked and my skin had stayed clear for ten years. I re-ordered my trust B.P three weeks ago and miracles of miracles-my skin is clearing up.  Seriously if you know what works, keep at it! I have now sworn Leah, Charlotte and Elese to shake me silly when I get another crazy idea like that in my head. I have learned, I have grown and I won't go back. OCM and going natural is for some people, but is not for me. Find what works for your lovely skin and stick with it : )

Let's talk skin care!

Have you tried OCM? What was your experience? Share with us! Did it work? Not work?


  1. i find oil is best used after washing your face with a natural soap. i dont think this would get the dirt off my face, it sounds like itll just rub it in.

    1. Hi Zoe! I tried that too, and your soap that I bought and had major breakout issues...it's been a tough winter!

  2. I had really bad acne in my mid-late twenties...finally I found something that works! For the last 2 years I have been using a coconut oil/raw honey/fresh lemon juice/granulated sugar face scrub/wash/mask - and my skin is the best it has ever been! It is awesome! : ) I realized that if I use products with lots of chemicals made for acne - my skin gets worse. I was thinking of trying the ocm too because my sister does it, but decided to stick with what I know works for me!

    1. Wow you are lucky!! I'm kinda jealous. I tried a sugar scrub but it made my skin actually worse. Raw honey also just made it irritated and icky. Lucky girl : ) Exactly skin care is so individual, stick with what works best for you : ) Thanks for stopping by!