Tuesday, 6 May 2014

You know you are a Craft/Art Showaholic when...

This past weekend was a fabulous art show in Almonte Ontario, called Handmade Harvest. Truly Charlotte had a booth and despite mud, rain and a cold barn, she did very well!

I also had an epiphany that morning..
It was 7:30 am actually and I was standing on the steps of the barn, holding my umbrella tightly against the pouring rain. I was securing my spot as numero 6 in line, so that I could get one of the most amazing SWAG bags ever!  All the vendors from the day were asked to contribute something to the Swag bags. It was genius! They were huge and I wanted one so very badly. : )
The show didn't start until until 9am and there was no way I was moving. It was then while chatting with fellow art fans that I realized I had crossed the threshold into a Craft/Art Showaholic.

Here are few signs in case you might be one too:

1. You start googling searching art shows six months in advance and have them scheduled into your phone. You also stalk their blogs, websites and Facebook pages.

2. You are dreaming of Swag bags a week in advance. It's all you can think of. A huge bag full of handmade goodies and coupons! You dream of carrying the swag bags and how great they will be to hold all your garage sale, rummage sale purchases.

3. You work out your schedule so that you can get an early ride to the show with a vendor : ) Even if it means getting up at five am.

4. You know the vendors all by name because you have spent so much time stalking their sites. Ya that's right, we are friends now : )

5. The hour and a half wait  in the rain goes by so fast because all the fellow art fans are also your long lost friends. Especially the ones that stayed up late last night making hot cross buns that say I <3 swag! Oh and the ladies who are selling things household items for craft show $$ : ) Great idea! Juicer anyone? No really check out my ad here : )

and you know you are a Craft/Art showaholic when...

6. You don't care about your appearance anymore because all that matters is comfort and warmth. So what if your hair is a bit disheveled, and make up is smudged, your hands are shaking from the cold:

Don't feel bad if you didn't know about this weekend's show because...
they have a Christmas one too! 
Check out their site here

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  1. Haha...cute post! So glad to read that Charlotte's show went well:)