Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Leah's Baby Gift

Leah is the master knitter out of us bunch of girls. She is the knitting pro who can knit a complicated pattern anywhere and not be bothered. We picked Leah up from the bus stop last week and she was standing outside knitting away. And not just knitting a plain old scarf-tucked under her arm was a knitted lace baby sweater. Our mama found this sweater pattern here on the blog  SouleMama and we knew Leah had to make it for our sweet niece.

The sweater is called Springtime for Hollis and you can find it on Ravelry here.

After only a few weeks of knitting, Leah has finished! It's gorgeous! We love the ivory soft wool with blue buttons. It looks very vintage : ) The cream ribbon is leftover from Elese's wedding, so fits perfect for a treasured baby sweater. Leah swears this pattern isn't too hard, and is a great combination of switching, so you are never bored. : )

Isn't it lovely?