Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Punny DIY Valentines

It's the week of love friends! Time to whip up your Valentines, buy some chocolates and show your loved ones you care. For us, Valentine's day wasn't just for lovers, but was a day that we showed love to our siblings, our teachers, our friends, our peers. Save yourself a few dollars and try to make your own cards. Today we bring you:

Some Punny Love!
Are you a fan of puns? Our brother John loves them and so we dedicate this post to him. These cards are super easy to make and sure to bring a laugh!

You Will Need:

red paper
black sharpies
creative juices

Charlotte drew our designs and we outlined them with sharpies. Keep the drawing simple, if you need a template just search online.
Write out your pun and there you go! Instant Valentine!


  1. I just used this idea and made a wicked cute card! Thanks for the inspiration! FYI - you should sell these! : )

    1. : ) So glad we gave you some inspiration! Perhaps one day we will market them!