Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Reading 2014

This Christmas, much to our book loving delight, a book trend happened in our gift exchanges. We all gave each other different novels and art books! There are still a few long Winter days ahead of us, with plenty of time to curl up with our new reads. What about you? What are you reading these cold days? Share with us!

The New Additions to the Crazy Daisy Library

Feel free to click the links and add these books to your own stash :)

Longbourn by Jo Baker

Leah gave me this novel for Christmas, and it was a great read. It is the story of the servants 'downstairs' of the Bennet family in Pride & Prejudice. A story set within a story, Longbourne presents the difficulties of the servant life, and their own journey to find love. I know alot of die hard P&P fans weren't too fond of this novel, but I liked it on it's own. Plus it has such a pretty cover and lovely pages!

Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath

Charlotte surprised me with this needle felting book and I LOVE it! Pages and pages of the tiniest and cutest needle felted creatures. I love the creative pictures, and the clear diagrams make it easy to shape these lovely small friends. I am in the midst of a little grey bunny, and it has been so much fun.

Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay

I found this fun book on Amazon while searching hair books, and new by the pretty pattern of the cover, I had to buy it for Leah. It is full of great hair ideas, inspired by popular looks of the past. It explains how to do finger waves, buffonts and those perfect big curls.

Alabama Studio Style by Natalie Chanin

Charlotte gave this amazing book to our Mama and we can't wait to see what projects she is going to create. The author is the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin, an acclaimed fashion and lifestyle company that supports local artisans. Alabama Chanin works with local artists to create handmade organic cotton-jersey clothing. There are over 20 projects in this great books, plus stencils and reusable sewing patterns.

Inside the Creative Studio by Cate Coulacos Prato

Our brother and sister in law gave Charlotte this inspiring book about different art studios. It gives the reader a peek to other Artist's lives, and how they important it is to create a beautiful space to make art. It is full of great ideas of how to store wool, fabric, paints etc. It's a very pretty book with plenty of photographs of other studios.

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

I gave this novel to our little brother, as I am always looking for new titles to quench his thirst for something to read. He is an avid reader and has just started becoming interested in biographies. Chris Hadfield gives a very descriptive account of his journey to becoming an astronaut, complete with many pictures. If you are looking for a book for a boy/man to read, this is a good one.

Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin

Our Mama gave Charlotte this beautiful book and all of us have ohhed and ahhed over the lovely projects. We can't wait to see what Charlotte is going to come up with, and to offer our assistance if needed. This book is a guide to printing with handmade stamps, stencils and silk screens. Now we just have to carve away plenty of time to get started and print away!


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