Wednesday, 15 January 2014

our love for blazers

We grew up watching What Not To Wear and loved all their tips. We were so sad when our friends Stacey and Clinton wrapped up the show. : (  One of their many helpful tips that has stuck with us over the years is: it is so important to have a great jacket. Whether it be casual or dressy, a styling blazer is the best way to spruce up an old outfit. We have a learned a few tips of how to pull off a great coat, and thought of sharing them with you all today.

Our jackets fashion no-no: Wearing brooches on both sides of the lapels and having huge shoulder pads.

Yes we know shoulder pads are back in, but if too big, they just make you look like you are a linebacker. Thanks Miss Leah for showing us oh so elegantly how not to wear a blazer. 

Blazers we love:

1. A cropped coat can be flattering! 

On Lady Charlotte Anne:

She found this leopard print pink number at the GAP during some boxing day shopping, and loved the bright pattern. It screamed out to her, and she just had to purchase it. She wasn't sure if the cropped length could work, but with a nice blouse it looks fabulous! Don't be afraid to buy a bright coat that can be paired with a neutrals, like Charlotte's ivory blouse. 

2. A sequined coat adds major pizzazz! 

On Princess Leah: 

Leah's sequined sparkly number is from Zaras and is a loose blazer. She likes to wear a super sparkly number like this one with a muted down loose grey blouse. The pattern on the blouse is small and so doesn't conflict with the pattern on the coat. The sequins on the blazer are tiny, which makes it classy and not ostentatious. 

3. An oxford blazer is a classic piece

On Mademoiselle Renee:

This purple and pink coat is a also a bargain deal from the GAP's boxing week sales. I love a good structured blazer. They are just such a great staple to any wardrobe and can be worn so many ways. My favourite way is the classic white shirt/jeans combo and of course with lots of jewelry. You can also pair it with a t-shirt, a dress, a skirt, the options are endless. As our Mama says, classic clothing is an investment! 


  1. These are pretty! Love the last pic of you three!
    - Vero :)

    1. Thanks so much! :) The last one is one my bf took, I'll be sure to let him know.