Thursday, 14 November 2013

What we are into these days..

What are you into lately friends? There is so much out there on the huge interweb that sometimes it's a little daunting. Who honestly has hours upon hours scouting around for the next best item? We don't, but we do have a few items that have been open on our tabs, saved in our Esy, posted on our Fcebook...
We thought we would share a few of them of interest. Check them out and let us know if you are looking/reading/laughing at anything fun these days!

What the Crazy Daisies are into Lately:

Videos we are watching:

When we need a pick me up we watch this amazing video of love that we promise will inspire you. It made us tear up a teensy bit. So beautiful!

This video of a little superstar dancing queen has been played on my (Renee's) computer a few times. She is so adorable and a little bit excited to dance her heart out. So cute!

On our wish list of fun items to one day buy:

this amazing pottery by Jessica Teesdale, we love the woodland and owl mugs

this funny card for all you booklovers! Check it cute.

Rob Ryan's 2014 calendar, we love love his paper cut-outs!

Charlotte has been dreaming of being the next best Ukulele star and so is hoping for one day owning this baby! Who knows maybe she can learn and sing this great song by the lovely Jojo Worthington.

Blogs, articles, things we are reading online:

whatever, Martha, can you believe Martha Stewart dissed the bloggers? Take a read...

Did you know sulfates are really that bad for your hair? Yes we have said it before, but this article explains it again..and I (Renee) was at the hair salon and the stylists all made me promise to never wash my hair with sulfate shampoo again. Sulfates are unnecessary, unwanted and they damage your hair. Leah you are right, oh so right, and I promise to listen to you : )

Our fellow blog reader Duchess of York found this blog The Modern Mrs. Darcy and we say thank you DY! This is a neat blog for booklovers, moms and basically creative gals. Full of smart articles and inspiration, worth taking a peek.

On Pinetrest

sparkly dress is lovely, pretty and Christmasey!

A funny laugh is always needed, and this one is great.

Unsure about making or buying your gifts, check out: Make it or Buy it?

What about you? Share with us!


  1. oh the sprinkles!!! Didn't you just say Charlotte how you loved the confetti sprinkles? lol Party on the floor :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I got another shout-out!! Hurray.....glad you liked the blog.
    xo The Duchess