Monday, 18 November 2013

The BEST Quinoa Gluten Free Chocolate Cake!

When we first heard about using quinoa for baking, we were grossed out. Yuck! Quinoa is like rice right? How can that possibly work in a dessert? We kind of stayed away from the whole baking with quinoa thing, and it wasn't until Charlotte's friend that we decided to try it. Her art school buddy convinced Charlotte that quinoa makes a DELICIOUS dessert without using any flour, and it is oh so moist! Miss Charlotte was tempted, and so the other night whipped up this recipe. She didn't tell the rest of us what was in the cupcakes, but made us sample and guess. Of course we couldn't tell, and were shocked when she said it was quinoa. Turns out all those other food bloggers were right, baking with quinoa is the best ever and we plan on trying a whole new bunch of recipes!

Benefits of baking with quinoa:
It's a protein, so better for you
It's gluten free
It makes your baking very very very moist!

Give it a shot, you will love it, we promise! : )
Have you tried baking with quinoa? Share with us!

Charlotte scoured the web and found the recipe here: The Best Chocolate Gluten Free Cake


  1. Daisies, I finally got around to buying some quinoa and making these cupcakes. They are delicious! Thank you for posting!! xo

    1. aren't they yummy?? we love them! glad they worked for you!!