Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to keep your fingers stylish and warm...

Try a pair of cuffettes!
What are they? Cuffettes are a warm pair of fingerless gloves. A nice, warm woolly version. : )

Why do we love them?
They are great for this in between weather, as they keep your hands warm, but still not too toasty.
You can use your fingers for iphones, texting, gathering change, collecting bus pass, waving : )
Cuffettes are super for running, walking, etc as your hands warm up in mittens but not with these babies.

The best part is that cuffettes knit up easy and are a perfect gift! wink wink

To make Charlotte's grey cuffettes:

I made a simple ribbed pattern using grey Berroco Flicker, for Charlotte two years ago.
If you check out the pattern here, I just made a few variations.
I did K2 P2, made the cuffettes longer and used different wool.
Really the possibilities are endless, let your creative mind go. Experiment with wool, colours etc. The pair I am working on now are a tangerine colour with a brown stripe.

To make Renee's green cuffettes:

Our mama is the lace knitter in our family, and made this pattern: Twiss and Weber Cuffettes See if you can spot the familiar lovely model!

Happy Fall knitting!

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