Monday, 23 September 2013

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Books on the Brain 

If you have great eyes, you might have noticed a tiny new ad on our side bar. If you were captivated enough, or had enough time to waste today and scrolled down to the very very bottom of our blog, you would have seen a new banner, a new ad that starts with the letter A..yes friends we have now joined forces with Amazon. Our hope is that we can promote a few great books for you and perhaps entice you to click our Amazon links : ) Don't worry, we have discussed this at length and the Crazy Daisies have decided to only have Amazon links. No Belly Fat advert here.

In our home and hands, here are a four new books that we are reading and loving:

Vegan Secret Supper by Merida Anderson
A beautiful inspiration cookbook. We read the review of this Canadian chef in our local paper, and after reading her recipe for vegan creme brulee, we knew we had to buy this book. The photos are gorgeous, the recipes are unique and are definitely  on our list to make soon.
The only catch, vegan recipes like these take time and need some interesting ingredients. Take it from us, make sure you read through the recipe and make a list of what to buy before you feel like making it. : ) Late Saturday afternoon is not the best time to go find white sweet potatoes.

The Usborne Book of Art Projects and the Usborne Book of Art Ideas by Fiona Watt

 Charlotte is taking an Introduction to Watercolours at our local college. After two weeks she has discovered that her teacher is largely following these classic Usborne books. Every new technique Charlotte has already done as a child, because of this wonderful treasure trove of art ideas. If you are a homeschooling Mama or just a Mama looking for some art ideas, check these books out. They are full of easy art projects that teach basic fundamentals.

I Beat the Odds, from Homelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond by Michael Oher

The movie The Blind Side is one of our favourite family films. We didn't know this book existed until we found it on the Alberta curriculum for suggested grade 8 reading. This year we were looking to introducing our brother to read more non fiction, and thought this book would be perfect. So far it has been. Michael Oher takes the reader back to his childhood and explains how through different circumstances he was finally led to the school and family that would change his life. His story is an inspiration to everyone and is a great one to read and discuss social issues.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye by Rachel Joyce

This novel traces the journey of Harold Frye. An average retiree who until one day, has led a pretty ordinary life. After a letter arrives carrying unfortunate news, he makes a spur of the moment decision and decides to walk to his dying friend. His walk becomes a pilgrimage, one full of reflection and growth, and  all the while is set in picturesque England. This novel is making me dream of the Camino pilgrimage. : ) Perhaps though I just need to start small and walk to the city. Haha

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